What are Dreams?

  We sat down to Christmas Dinner this year around a huge table, straining with the amount of sumptuous food. My boyfriend’s mum laid on a real feast and we were all tucking in. Grandparents told old stories and the youngest read out all the jokes we know and love from the crackers. Wine was constantly pouring and I felt merry. I felt truly involved in a group feeling of togetherness. I belonged. Prior to the big day, I was terrified that I would feel out of place. Circumstance led this to being the first festive celebration away from my own family. I shouldn’t have worried. I had my own stocking in the morning, my own place setting at the table, even a special Christmas pudding bought especially for me (darn gluten intolerance).


            I smiled to myself quietly as we begun to gorge ourselves on a spectacular dinner. This is what I want, I thought to myself. A big family all gathered around a big table, piles of home-made delicious food and so much happiness. This is a new state of mind for me.


            When I was sixteen, I wanted to take over the world. I was going to be the most successful writer the world had ever seen. Scripts, plays, books – I was going to conquer them all. But then my own story started to take shape. I met a boy and he became the most important thing in my life. My dreams have shifted. I yearn to turn a house into a home, whip up culinary delights in my own kitchen and even, whisper it, be someone’s mother one day. My daydreams about our shared future always make me smile.


            But I still have the fire of ambition burning brightly. I want to write stories. Adventure stories with heroes and castles and queens and villains and pirates and good and evil. I want to write a story that keeps children up all night because they can’t put it down. That is the biggest dream of all.


            I wish to incorporate the new wishes with the dreams I’ve carried with me ever since I could hold a pen. I desire to become the very essence of a domestic goddess. I will strive to improve myself as a storyteller. I want to learn and write and cook and share my experiences in this blog. The New Year was perfectly timed for me this year. I relish in the sense of new combining with ideals of old.

Welcome to my blog.  


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