This isn’t a post about fuel prices, mainly because I don’t drive.


This is a post about a workout DVD, a workout called Pump and the negative vibes you get when you attempt to be healthy.

I’m twenty. I have a boyfriend who I like to look good for. I also have a habit on inhaling chocolate, particularly when I’m at work. So from time to time, I need to crack out workout DVDs, do a bit more walking or do some morning yoga. The reaction you get from some people makes you feel like a criminal. “Weirdo” was the scoffing remark I got from one housemate, “why?!” was another.

Maybe this is the reason we are a fat nation. We ridicule when people do attempt to get some form of exercise into their day. It’s not like I’m pushing at them to join in or anything, I’m just doing my own stuff and trying to get fit.


If being healthy, illness-free, energized and happy makes me a “weirdo” then sign me up to the oddball club. What’s the alternative? Yes, exactly, there’s a short sharp shock if ever there was one.


2 thoughts on “Pump

  1. That sucks! None of other people’s business really if you want to jump about the living room a bit, not hurting anyone! I’m doing Jillian Micheal’s 30 day shred at the moment, hard work but worth it, highly recommend. Also this blog is cute and you are fab ttfn xx

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