Lunch Date: The Good Life cafe

Welcome to my first regular feature on my blog. I shall be posting reviews from time to time, based on meals out I have with my boyfriend, friends or family. This should have been posted accordingly on Sunday, but you know how life is! I’d love to hear what you think.


What a treat! To go out for lunch with my chap. We decided to make the most of a rare Saturday free from work and I had just the place in mind.

            After my first venture into The Good Life farm shop, I was desperate to sample whatever their cafe had to offer. I was a little concerned that there would be no room at the inn on this sunny Saturday afternoon, but we found a two person table right in the heart of it all. There were enough diners to create atmosphere, without feeling overcrowded.

            It really did feel like an oversized country kitchen. The exposed beams, the blackboards detailing the specials and even a huge fireplace in the corner, flanked by leather armchairs, made me feel welcomed. After a brief glance at the menu, I thought I was going to have to resort to the gluten intolerant staple of jacket potato. That was until my beloved pointed out that gluten-free bread was offered. Hurrah! I was joyful in placing my order of soup of the day, accompanied by gluten-free bread. I was soon to be disappointed as a waitress arrived shortly after saying that their stock was completely empty, but would I like a large portion of carrot and parsnip soup to compensate? I took their offer and was very pleased to have done so.

            It certainly was a large portion. I knew as soon as the bowl was put in front of me that I would never reach the bottom. I plunged my spoon in regardless and let the orange liquor pour into my mouth. Gosh, it was delicious. Perfectly homemade with that blended texture, sweet and creamy too, I followed that spoonful with several more. I couldn’t have any more once I was full, but it was a truly flavourful dish.

            I ordered a hazelnut latte with my soup, as my quest to find the perfect latte continues. This one is a very high contender. There was just enough foam and the hazelnut flavour came through without being too sweet.

            My beau had an orange and apple juice drink with his three-cheese Panini with side salad. He, as a manly man, only picked at the salad, but said the Panini was delicious. Our meal came to £17 in total. Pretty steep for lunch, but I do not begrudge paying out for such a delicious meal, served by warm and attentive staff. I’m sure I will visit again, even if it’s just to get a second round with that delectable latte!


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