Am I a squirrel?

I think I have managed to define my inner animal. For the article that first sparked this thought process, head here, uplifting and amusing.

            I am a squirrel. A red one if you please, one does not wish to be known as “common”.


Reasons I am a squirrel:

I have a habit of storing food. I’m never content unless I can open the cupboard (or in my case, pull open the filing cabinet) and find it full. I take great joy in the fame of Tetris it takes to get all of my supplies neatly arranged. My fridge drawer is exactly the same. I have learnt how to be creative with my limited space.


I enjoy being outside, but then nesting in the evenings. I’ve never been a successful gym bunny, the metallic machines jar with my old-fashioned vibe. I like to stay active though, walking is my favourite. I’m fast discovering the benefits of yoga as I strive to do it every morning. Squirrels need to be agile and flexible!

There is nothing better when the sun goes down to build myself a nest of cushions and blankets and spend time on a hobby of choice. Sometimes it’s writing, most of the time it’s cross stitching (old-fashioned vibe coming through yet?).


I get through an awful lot of vegetables, nuts and seeds. I’ve started sprinkling a seed mix (pumpkin, sunflower and linseed) on my morning porridge. I love the crunch compared to the creamy porridge, and yes I do come from the Nigel Slater school of thinking.

I visited my sister last week and she showed me her latest recipe book, that I have resisted buying, so far. The Covent Garden Soup Company is renowned for their fresh soups and their books are a delight. My sister was so enamoured with it, she bought a blender. Guess who came home with her barely used hand-blender? My adventures with soup making deserve a post of their own. Suffice to say, I’ve definitely been having my 5-a-day recently.


Reasons I am not a squirrel:


I don’t climb trees and do not have the slightest inclination to try.


I’m almost positive that squirrels do not have Marxist essays to contend with that keeps them away from fun activities such as blogging. I have missed far too many posts as of late, but with the Spring Holidays upon us, I have more chance to write posts and more time to do things to write about. The looming responsibility of a degree certainly doesn’t interrupt your average squirrel.


I lack the anatomy of a tail. Although all the fresh air and good food is certainly giving me bright eyes.


            I’m quite enjoying channelling my inner squirrel. It’s prompting me to go outside and enjoy the new season, particularly as it’s getting so warm. The weather makes a huge difference to me, I can feel myself coming out of hibernation. Hurray for Spring!


Please note: I do believe this post is a direct result of reading too much Redwall books by brilliant author, Brian Jacques. Excuse me whilst I go defend Redwall Abbey in full squirrel maiden regalia. Eulaliaaaaaaaaaaa!!


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