Frugal Fridays #1

This is my new feature that will be up on the blog every Friday – clue is in the title really! It will be a round-up of bargains I’ve bought, thrifty craft, cheap recipes and my favourite blog of the week, frugal or otherwise 🙂 Hope you like!



1) Buying the most perfect crock pot for £1.20! It’s the perfect size for two, or to batch cook something in and then store it in my fridge box. I’m thinking chilli.


2) Making 5 portions of soup and 4 portions of curry out of one bag of 24p parsnips.


3) Celebrating the end of second year in student style with Curry Night at Wetherspoons. Chicken tikka masala, basmati rice, poppadoms, mango chutney and a glass of Merlot – £5.99!

Blog of the week: Frugal Queen. I’m going through the archives and learning a lot about removing yourself away from consumerism is good for the soul, and the bank balance. Froogs has a charming writing style and the blog is very informative.

I’ll be having a change up on the old blog front soon. Time to get to grips with the editing section of WordPress – wish me luck!

One thought on “Frugal Fridays #1

  1. Love your little crock pot!! I do the same and scour charity shops for ‘vintage’ (ie: used/old) or traditional foreign cookware. Too many things to mention, but my Spanish ‘Olla’ or bean pot is possibly one of my faves. Also my ye-olde grocer’s balancing scales with cast iron weights, which gets used frequently. I shop online which removes temptation to waste money on impulse buys, but also means I miss the ‘budgies’ (‘budget’ or reduced items) as one of my friends calls them.

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