5 Activities That Make Me Smile

1) Breakfast in bed. Just the act of placing a meal on a tray is a delightful flourish in itself. But then silently carrying it up the stairs, balancing it carefully as you ease back into bed and enjoy the meal is such a cosy position is a real joy. I love making little moments stand out. After all, it was only breakfast.

2) Organising stuff. Today has been the perfect drizzly Sunday to get certain things in order. I filed away the last of the Uni work, added some items on eBay (zero insertion fees!) and organised my thread boxes. Call me crazy, but I find jobs like that really satisfying.

3) Taking a walk in the sunshine. I know the clouds have rolled over today, but the recent sunshine isn’t a distant memory just yet. In this country, we have to enjoy nice weather when we can and cross our fingers that it comes back. I look forward to wearing my dresses sans tights again soon.

4) Taking a walk in the rain. Time with my chap is so special. Even though my clothes were damp by the time I arrived at work, the walk into town with my beloved, both of us huddled under an umbrella was heart warming.

5) Reading a book. I am one meeting away from being officially “free from Uni” and a whole heap of free time is soon to be unlocked. I shall keep up with my writing, naturally, but there will still be free periods where I can curl up under a blanket and read. I’ve already started writing down my reading list, listing books I want to have read by September.

Best of all, my five chosen activities don’t cost a penny. It’s the smallest things that make me feel so content. Here’s hoping your Sunday was equally as pleasant.


4 thoughts on “5 Activities That Make Me Smile

  1. Happy Sunday to you too. I managed to achieve a walk in the rain, a good two hours reading the newspapers and spent some time organising my knitting. 🙂

      • You’re welcome! I would suggest that if you’d like more comments, fill in your’ About’ page. It’s certainly somewhere I would look to get a feel for the person I’m talking to. For instance, if there are swear worde involved in someone’s ‘About’ page, I’m really not interested. The other thing I would ask is whether there is any way to make commenting more easy or visible? You obviously have interesting things to say that people might want to comment on, but is it as clear as it could be how they might do this? Have a good Sunday – however much remains for you. Pipknits

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