Frugal Fridays #3

1) Selling bits and pieces on eBay to make a tidy profit margin, even after forking out for postage! I’ve still got some clothing items for sale if you’d care to take a look. I’m hoping to get some electrical items that I no longer need on there, probably at the weekend. Any one on the hunt for an ipod?


2) Getting a visit from the cheese fairy! My housemate works on the deli counter at Sainsbury’s and occasionally delivers parcels on cheese goodness to my fridge drawer. I’m not quite certain what I’ll do with this piece of feta yet. Me and the chap really love it on top of cottage pie.


3) Some interesting reading. I have been forming plans on a new eating regime, based on the lessons of the past. I will posting about this in more detail on Sunday. I think rationing could just be the answer to eating frugally and healthy, my two main objectives.


Not-so-frugal – Paying out £1.50 to get a bus home from work as I’m a big wuss and didn’t want to walk home in the horrendous weather. I need to toughen up to save pennies!


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