Frugal Fridays – Grocery Haul Special

The magical day is upon us – pay day at last! After sorting my other affairs, I took my £50 allocated for groceries out to Sainsbury’s.


These are the rations I have purchased thus far. I thought it was silly buying more eggs, sugar and butter when I already have plenty of these things in stock. So I just purchased my bacon ration (Basics, £1.80), my cheese ration (Deli counter, £1.40), half of my sweets ration (Basics, 30p) and a third of my meat ration (Sainsbury’s own, £3). I already have some braising steak in the freezer too.


This is my store cupboard all, various tins and boxes of long life stuff that has to last the month. This pile of goodies cost well under my target of £10.


I filled up on fresh, as this is un-rationed and the best food for me! The root veg will soon be in a stew with the braising steak and I can do various things with the frozen mixed veg.


Just two extras that I was in need of. I am certainly taking inspiration from rationing, but I’m not going without clean clothes.


All in all, it was a very successful trip. I managed to get everything on my list and the total cost was £26.57. That’s for everything you can see in the photos. I’m quite impressed by that actually. I will be able to feed myself for the foreseeable future for less than £30. If I need it, I’ve still got the remaining £23.43 to spend on the rest of the rations and fresh stuff, NO more store cupboard items.

I was talking to my mother during the week about rising food prices. But with a bit of forward planning and not budging from a list, I think you can still get good deals for your money. Do you agree? Or do you think certain foods are just too expensive? I must admit, if I was inclined to eat meat every day, I think I would struggle to stay in budget. Let the rationing meals commence!


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