Frugal Fridays #5

This week has been good and bad for frugality. On one hand, I’ve already used up my entire sweets ration for the month! Deary me, I have a terrible sweet tooth.

But, onto the good. I’ve succeeded in becoming imaginative with my cooking. I’ve made a red lentil loaf using lentils from my stores, donated feta cheese and other ingredients I already had. I’ve been rather inventive with pork mince, making a Bolognese, pork burgers and a lovely cottage pie using my charity shop pot and adding some bacon. The chap approved of this one!


Red lentil loaf


Pork burgers with sweet potato mash, mixed vegetables, grilled onions and gravy.


Pork mince cottage pie with carrots and onions, topped with potato, Red Leicester cheese and a little parmesan (using up what I’ve got!)


I went for a lovely meal out with two friends. Eating out is not always best when saving pennies, but I had a curry dish with rice and poppadoms, a glass of wine, an apple, pear and raspberry crumble with custard and a pint of lemonade – for under £10! It was money well spent for a truly enjoyable evening.


My pudding at the restaurant – what a treat!

I also used my Amazon gift card to get money off a gift for Father’s Day, as well as two books for me. I love using Amazon’s Marketplace, you can find such good deals. I got these two titles for £6, including p&p. And they will both aide future frugal adventures!




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