Options Infinite

The fact that this is my first blog post for this entire week is an appalling statistic. There wasn’t much to report on the domestic front, and even less in the storytelling sphere. Apologies.

I’ve also been preoccupied with a visit from my mother. Despite our clashing past, I actually get on quite well with my mum, now that we live apart. I was brilliant to prepare a feast at lunch time for her, help carry shopping bags as we wandered around town and talk over wine and pizza at ASK in the evening. It was wonderful that she was able to stay overnight too. I waved her off cheerfully on Saturday morning, but our discussion topics have sown seeds in my mind. My mother scattered the acorns, but they are hastily erupting into enormous questions.

What do I want to do with my life?

I know I want to write children’s books. But does that mean I live in a shack, living off nothing and writing the days away? Or do I strive to get a high-paying publishing job, working my fingers to the bone until I get my big break? At this moment, I have no idea what option I would prefer. It seems too easy to divide life choices in this way. Penniless –  but happy. Rich, yet miserable. Can I find the elusive in between point?

Chase your dreams, follow them, reach, climb. All of the associated phrases involved some kind of activity. Maybe staying put is not the best option for the career I have in mind, but I am desperate to put down some roots. It’s getting closer to the time where I have to weigh up all of the individual consequences, but they are all so heavy. Right now, it’s so easy to ignore the responsibility that will attack before I can build up defences.

But ultimately, my decisions affect my life. It’s me that will eventually decide what kind of life I want to lead and how best to go about achieving it. Thinking in that sense is quite empowering. I am in the enviable position of still being able to be anything I want to be. I am a firm believer of hard work reaping rewards. I do believe it’s time to get some work done. Then my future will feel more like a challenging rope ladder, rather than a pressing noose.

3 thoughts on “Options Infinite

  1. It sounds like you’re working it out in a very logical and yet exciting way. I wish you all the luck in the world, and remember, it’s those that work the hardest at their dreams that get all the luck 🙂

  2. Just found your blog yesterday. I read through your posts and I thought I’d comment on this one. You seem to be on the right path, thinking about everything you need or want to do and trying to achieve a balance. I don’t feel you need advice from a complete stranger (me!), but I decided to go ahead and write it down anyway. Maybe it might help a bit, I don’t know. Hopefully it won’t be offensive!

    I delayed thinking seriously about my career (long-term) whilst at uni, and by the end of 3rd year some things went terribly wrong and I didn’t have a plan for that possibility, so that’s where I’m coming from…

    So, my suggestions:
    – Write out a list of every possible career option you have. Research them well, try to get as detailed a picture as possible, what will be the pros & cons of each choice, etc. Just put down everything you can think of, you don’t have to love them all. Yes, even things that don’t relate to writing. (for example: I can see you enjoy baking and cooking. You might end up doing something with that and writing would be put aside, but later on you could publish your own gluten-free recipe book. )
    – Think about what your priorities in life are. I think you’ve done that, but what I’m trying to say is if you want to be a writer, don’t ignore that until you have at least tried to make that a reality. If you want to settle down, have kids, be domestic, don’t ignore that either, even if it’s not exactly a short to mid-term goal. If you sacrifice one thing for another, you might not be satisfied with your choice in the long term.
    – Compare your life goals with the options you have. Mix and match and think of various scenarios (good and bad).
    – Think about how the work schedule, pay, location, etc. would affect your life and your goals. Think about how realistic a certain option is. Consider the difficulty of a particular career path and ask yourself if you’d really be willing to put in a lot of hard work even if things don’t go as planned.
    – Then put the career options in order, from best to “worst”. Look at your best options and see which of the others could function as back up plans. (Obviously, once you make a choice it might make some of the other career paths impossible or very difficult to pursue.)

    Not sure that was helpful…
    I know this might seem boring or unnecessary right now (or even a bit frightening/depressive), but trust me, it’s much better to think these things over before you finish! It still won’t guarantee a perfect future… but you’re right, hard work will pay off, and I’m sure you’ll be fine. 🙂

    BTW, I hope you enjoy your trip!

    • It’s like you’ve verbalised everything that’s going on in my head! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this kind comment. I know I have a lot to consider, and like you said, weigh up various pros and cons. I’m going to dedicate some time purely to this. But first, I’m going to relish the opportunity to travel 😀 Thanks again!

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