Forever inspired by the Fab Four

It’s magical because I get to spend three weeks of uninterrupted time with the love of my life. We’re going to experiences new places and sights together and always be in each other’s company. We’re both going to find out new things and eat new things and do new things along the journey. It’s thrilling.

It’s a mystery because we don’t know where we might end up. We arrive in Amsterdam tomorrow morning, then onto Berlin. But after that, nobody knows. We have a list of places we could go, but we’ll decide where we actually want to go nearer the time. There is nothing set in stone and anything could happen. It’s exciting.

It’s a tour because our original route contained 8 cities and 5 different countries. That’s a lot to pack in to three weeks, but we’ll be able to rest on the train as we travel in between. I have my ipod, various notebooks and a miniature puzzle book to keep boredom at bay. No room for cross stitching in the end, not if I wanted to carry my precious notebooks. I have two new fresh notebooks in my backpack. One that will be a journal of every step of our tour and one that will hopefully contain reams of ideas for my upcoming Final Year Project for Uni.

It’s . . . well, I don’t know what it’s going to be exactly and that the beauty of travelling. This feels like a true adventure, that one that you dream about when you play games in your garden as a child. Far off places, exotic foodstuffs, charming company. All to the soundtrack of my beloved Beatles. Yes, this is going to be a wonderful trip indeed.

PS I’ll be back posting in August. More to come on an increasingly simple lifestyle and writing for my third year. Farewell for now!