Frugal Fridays #8


Free food! 

Thanks to the chap, I got a free haul of groceries at the start of the week. I’ve been basing my meals around what I was gifted with and thought I’d share a few of them.


I splashed out on a 50p bag of tortilla chips for a yummy quick dinner. I would never eat this every night, but as I don’t eat junk food normally, this felt like a real treat. I mashed one of the avocados with a little lime juice and chilli powder to make a faux guacamole. Then I stirred through some mixed herbs into the cream cheese and loosened it with a little cream to make a sumptuous dip. Naughty but nice!


I toasted one of the slices of bread, topped it with more avocado and then added two scrambled eggs on top. This was delicious. The cream avocado and eggs with the crunchy toast was so good. It’s a dish I would like to have again.


A rice cake medley. One pickle and carrot, one avocado and black pepper and one tomato and cream cheese. Extra carrot sticks on the side made it the perfect light lunch.

As for some of the other ingredients, the strawberries were sliced up into porridge, delicious with a drizzle of honey. Some of the broccoli was steamed, added to pasta and had cream cheese stirred through with a dash of herb. This was such a simple dinner, but one of the most enjoyable meals this week. I did have one portion of strawberries and cream too, who could resist!

One more point on this Frugal Friday, I managed to secure even more free food! I walk past a blackberry bush every day on my walk to work. The branches were heavy with fruit, but no one seemed to be picking them. Some were even splattered on the ground below. I knocked on the door and asked politely if I may pick a few. The poor man didn’t even know what they were! He told me I could pick as many as I wanted. I was dead chuffed to come home with a whole punnet full.


Now that the strawberries are all gone, I can see these making their way into my morning porridge bowl. Simple dishes like that really do give me the most pleasure.



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