British Baker

I have never been one for reality television shows. The bugs in the jungle make me squeamish. Elder brother’s houseguests make me yawn. I don’t have time for the constant stream of sob stories that emerge from microphones once designed for talented singers. But one reality programme hooks me right from the beginning. I become thoroughly involved with the contestants, feeling their highs and lows as the series continues. Surely, I can’t be the only Bake Off addict in blogland?

For those unaware of the Great British Bake Off (to give it it’s full title), 13 contestants fight their way through a series of baking challenges to win the coveted title of Britain’s Best Amateur Baker. It is hosted by the brilliant Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, with legendary Mary Berry and infamous Paul Hollywood as the judges.

Bake Off is an exceptional show because it includes the competitive element and tension falsely created in lesser programmes. But it is all based on talent, not a popularity contest. You can cheer on your favourites without being divisive. I personally think it’s a very inspirational show, proving that baking is for everyone and everyone can learn a thing or two.

Tuesday nights are now known in this household as “Bake Off Night”. For me, I do believe Wednesdays will become “baking day”. Cake is harder for me, being gluten-free, but I still relish being in the kitchen, mixing ingredients calmly and having sweet scents fill the house.

Today, flapjack was made this afternoon, using my allocated rations of course.



All is well on the rationing front, although a visit from the chap means there is no ham or cheese left – he managed to use a whole week’s ration of cheese in one lunch! I would never begrudge him anything though, and I’ve still got parmesan left over from “pre-rations”. There is still bits and pieces in the freezer too, so I shall not go hungry. Especially with chunks of delicious flapjack in the cake tin. Yum.


PS I would just like to send out my hearty thanks to all those who left such lovely comments on my last post. Particularly Pam, your comment made my day! Best wishes to all.


3 thoughts on “British Baker

  1. I do love ‘Bake Off’ and like you it’s one of the only ‘reality’ style shows I watch. I’m also addicted to Celebrity Masterchef, although I don’t know who half of the celebrities actually are. I think it’s something about seeing someone out of their comfort zone slightly and learning to love cooking more and more as they get deeper into it and actually forgetting that they are famous for something else as they become involved with their foods.

  2. The secret with diminishing cheese (my DB was an early culprit) is to grate your ration and keep it in the freezer. That way, it is out of sight and mind to visitors (as much as you love them)

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