Frugal Fridays #9

Inspired by the activity over at Down to Earth, I have been on a decluttering mission of my own. I have trimmed down my books, DVDs and trinkets this past week and have carried/dragged two generous bags of items to my local charity shops. I could have sold it, certainly, but it felt good to donate to a system that I thoroughly believe in. Plus, I did list a few other items on ebay, they can be seen here. I thought I would try and make a few pennies out of things that were starting to gather dust.

And what did I do to reward my decluttering efforts? Why, I bought more items obviously! Well, not loads more, just two books that I couldn’t resist on a jaunt to the Oxfam Book Shop with the chap.


First up is Nigel Slater’s autobiography, Toast. I really enjoyed the BBC adaptation of this a few years back, with Helena Bonham Carter and Freddie Highmore. Slater inspires me more than any other chef, so I’m sure this will be an interesting read.


I cannot resist a WW2 book when I see them in charity shops, let alone on focusing on the domestic front. Bombers and Mash by Raynes Minns is a wonderful book that I have been devouring ever since I brought it home. It features facts I never knew and several bizarre recipes that I’m summoning courage to try.

So not only have I donated items to charity shops this week, I’ve also managed to donate £5 for these two lovely books. It feels very thrifty to give and take from a glorious system like charity shops. Smiles all round.


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