Frugal Fridays #10

It’s been another week on rations at the home of this Storyteller! And what a lovely week it’s been too, much nicer than the last one. I started off the week, naturally, with grocery shopping.


Rations/food for the week, bought on Monday

No reduced meat this time around, so I took half of my meat ration in the form of corned beef, which was reduced. Corned beef was included in the wartime ration too. I cut the large slices in half to make them go further and have been enjoying corned beef and spinach sandwiches most days this week.


A standard lunch for me.

I always bought some reduced greengages. This delightful little fruit brings back memories of scrumping with my grandmother when I was younger. She lives near the New Forest and there are plenty of opportunities to harvest a hedgerow. My greengages were ripe and juicy and just like I remembered.


A whole heap of Potato Petes!

Thanks to the good deeds of a housemate, she came home with a free bag of spuds! We were all ordered to eat as many potatoes as we liked. It was almost like the Ministry of Food had arrived at my house! I obeyed the challenge of course. I had two dinners of sausages, onion gravy and mash at the start of the week, then a baked potato covered with sausage and lentil casserole. I attempted one of the wartime recipes of potato floddies, but I think I made my batter too runny. It was a novelty having fried potato for breakfast, but not particularly filling. Berry porridge is the breakfast of choice for me.


A worthy experiment


Berry porridge, topped with a little honey and seed mix

I shall continue rationing for as long as I believe it to be an aid to me in my quest for frugality. I’m afraid I’m still abysmal at sticking to the sweets ration. With temptation all around, it’s the hardest one to resist. But resist I must if I want to save pennies.

I hope you’ve all got a glorious weekend planned. I’m off to Glastonbury this evening to visit my parents, which I have been looking forward to all month. Hooray for Somerset!


One thought on “Frugal Fridays #10

  1. We gave up our sweets rations so our child could have some sweets. We invested in the equivalent weight of mini bars and frozen them. He was allowed one per day. If there were any left at the end of the month, we had them.

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