Frugal Fridays #11

It has been a good week for frugality.

Firstly, I came home with a generous food parcel from Glastonbury. I have to thank my mum for packing me off with cans of tuna, sachets of soup, as well as a lovely hunk of gluten-free chocolate cake. That didn’t last long, I can tell you. Needless to say, I didn’t need much shopping-wise, so I didn’t do a full rations shop. For my next shop, I think I will be going to the supermarket. In my current situation, the most important thing is keeping costs low and I will not achieve this at a farmer’s market. I am going to keep buying rations though, as it continues to save me money. I’ve stuck to my overall budget for this week too, a great start for September.

Secondly, I managed to sell a few unwanted items on eBay last week. With the money raised, I was able to pay for my registration for the Big Sleep Out.


My sponsorship page is here, if you are able to donate a pound or two 🙂 I think it’s right that we do anything we can to raise money who have had it tough and just need a warm meal and a positive presence. If you can give, that would be amazing.

I still have funds in my PayPal account, but some of it has gone towards a new coat. I was in need of a coat suitable for that in between stage of the seasons. Hopefully, it shall arrive next week. It feels very thrifty to purchase something with money made through selling.

And finally, I’ve performed a bit of frugal magic this week. I managed to transform these two bags of collected pennies . . .



. . . into two items from Poundland! The bottle of washing up liquid is for the house, and the photo frame is to be part of a gift for an upcoming birthday. I’m always impressed by the range of products available in Poundland, I shall have to visit it more.

I hope your week has been equally successful, regardless of your budget. I’m really enjoying all of the posts for various September challenges. I shall be sticking with my own challenge of living on less in my final year of University. Wish me luck!


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