A balancing act

I didn’t feel like posting yesterday, but today I do. Curious, the flippant tendancies of a blogger. So it goes.

As I finish working through my four weeks notice at Cath Kidston, I have to engage with budgeting and becoming increasingly thrifty. But frugality to me means living within your means. I keep to a low food budget. I resist impulse purchases. I save my pennies in an old pot that used to belong to my mum. I do all these things (and more!) so that when my annual pilgrimage to Paperchase comes around, I can buy the items I want to.

There is something about pretty stationary for University that makes me work that little bit harder. Maybe it’s a girl thing. Or maybe it’s a quality unique to this Storyteller. I went into Paperchase in the first place to select two new notebooks for the upcoming semester.


But I didn’t leave with just notebooks.


I was gifted with a to-do list pad right before I headed off to Winchester for the first time, an incredible two years ago. It was enormously helpful at remembering things for me so my brain didn’t have to. As this is going to be a very busy year, I thought I’d invest in another one.


This was too stunning to pass up. I have been on the lookout for a scrapbook to document our European adventure. I’m going to get photos printed and combine them with random artefacts I collected on the adventure to create this book of memories. I was first drawn to the floral design, but seeing as it was our adventure, I thought I would select the neutral design with the partnership of two birds. Still pretty, but more suitable.

I also purchased a small card that I will write in when the time comes for me to say my final goodbyes at Cath.


My haul wasn’t cheap. With a flash of my student card, it certainly became more affordable. I had the money available to purchase these items, although it will result in very careful budgeting towards the end of the month. I could have bought things at a lower price, but I am trying to avoid deprivation. These are items that I yearned for and are all useful. They will all serve a purpose and that’s another definition of frugality. Enjoying a simple life is what this is all about, not going without because you feel like you should.


PS Thank you so much to the lovely person who sponsored me!! It truly warmed my heart to see the kindness of strangers, thank you again so so so much! My Just Giving page for the Big Sleep Out can be found here. If you can spare just a little, just the pennies you’ve got in your bank account right now, it would make a huge difference 🙂


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