The C Word

Last Wednesday started off really well. I began my day with a run, swiftly followed by a cool shower and then tucked into a big bowl of porridge. I was at my desk by 9am, after putting on a batch of laundry.

I enjoyed a productive morning; two sets of notes typed up, an opening page complete and my research into nutrition for children had started. I was going to have soup for lunch, with a nice gluten-free roll. I had already begun planning the day’s blog post. I was looking forward to spending my evening with my chap, safe in the knowledge that I had worked well. There would be more time for storytelling at the weekend.

Then I got a phone call from my mum.

I was on a train. In the morning, there was another train, then another. I was in Glastonbury. I was keeping my mother company by drinking wine and eating chocolate. I was struggling to sleep. I was in the car. I was at the hospital. I was at the hospital. I was still at the hospital. I was hugging my mother. I was listening to the nurse. I was smiling.

She has the odds in her favour, but we have to wait until later on this week to confirm that. It has been a scary time for me and my family, one huge loop in the roller coaster. I felt like I couldn’t carry on my standard blogging topics without acknowledging that it’s been tough lately. But it’s time to get back on track. I’ve already been working on various things I fell behind on, but I don’t begrudge that at all. It’s all about priorities. I had to answer the call for help.

My October Challenge fell to the wayside, naturally. You just don’t think about costs when you’re using money for a reason. Besides, I’ve never felt luckier to own so little. I am wealthy in one crucial aspect. Health. And I want it to remain that way for as long as I live.


2 thoughts on “The C Word

  1. Keeping our fingers crossed for you, and our love always with you all. Take care of yourself too and come back when you can. X

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