Frugal Fridays #13

There is nothing this thrifter loves more than getting something for nothing. And free food is the best of that bunch. My kindly neighbour dropped round a bag of windfall apples last week. My housemates had no interest, put off by the few bumps and bruises that often afflict windfall apples. I knew they had a use so I spent an afternoon in the kitchen, making magic. There is only so much crumble a Storyteller can eat, so I thought I’d make up some apple sauce.


The apples were thoroughly washed in salted water. . .


. . . Then were peeled and chopped, ready for the pot . . .


. . . Add a sprinkle of sugar, spice and everything nice (lemon juice!) and cook.


Et voila! 4 tubs of apple sauce, ready for the freezer.


Now I can enjoy this spiced sauce over plain yoghurt, topped with granola, or my personal favourite, on top of porridge with brown sugar and flaked almonds. Delicious, and made solely from items I already had lurking in my cupboards. I love it when a plan comes together.



One thought on “Frugal Fridays #13

  1. Free food is great. I have been collecting windfalls for a few weeks now, and have had to resort to potting some in my Mum’s freezer as I cannot store it all, but of course, will only be too grateful for it further through the winter. My favourite too is apple on porridge, especially now the apples I am collecting now are slightly tangier! Have a lovely weekend, still keeping our fingers crossed for you. X

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