Frugal Fridays #14

For my very first “Frugal Friday”, I featured a round of thrifty items I had purchased from my local charity shops. But with my interest in food growing and my budget shrinking, subsequent posts took a new direction. Basically, I stopped hunting down economical items.

But I have done an awful lot of shopping this week. Thanks to a birthday, my last foreseeable payday and general scrimping throughout October, I had money to spare for a day out shopping with my family yesterday. As wonderful as it was to spend time with my mum and sister, the shopping element of the day was superior. I’m joking of course, but I did happen to find some bargains.

First, a lovely bamboo wood fruit bowl from Tiger, £2.


An adorable biscuit tin that I couldn’t leave behind, Tiger, £2.


New running trainers from Sports Direct store, were £20, bought for £10!


But my most special buy of the week was discovered today, in a shop I had never ventured to before. The shop assistant said it had only been on the shop floor for ten minutes. At such a great value price, I knew it was coming home with me. Ladies and gentlemen, a standing ovation if you please for my £10 best buy of the week, month and possibly, year.



I cannot stop staring at it in wonder. The leather, the shape, the vintage vibe, this doctor’s bag is a dream come true. I’m in love. And that is a clear sign of money well spent.

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