A change of scenery

I remember a time, before I came of age to do grocery shopping for myself, there was a distinct air around Aldi (and its partner in crime, Lidl). It was once the butt of all jokes and the cause of much snobbery. It would be a comment on the neighbourhood if Aldi moved into town. Aldi was shunned by the exclusive gang of the big four. And thank goodness it was.

Instead of engaging with catfight tactics, Aldi seeks to impress no one but its customers. I certainly was impressed when I visited last week. Unfortunately, my local Aldi is a fair distance away. It could be reached on foot I’m sure, but it is far more preferable to drive. As our household only has one car and one allocated driver who works full time, opportunities to visit are few and far between. I planned on taking full advantage of this rare trip.

I filled my half of the trolley high. Items and their respective prices kept grabbing my attention. I hesitated at the bagged fruit and veg, because I am accustomed to buying loose. But the prices were good and nothing will go to waste in this thrifty household! The meat selection was impressive, ranging from truly budget to prime cuts. I opted for the middle selection, which was still noticeably cheaper than my local Sainsbury’s. Milk was cheaper too, and nuts, which I have really noticed an increased price on lately. It was these small savings that added up to my minimal food bill.

I had set myself a budget of £25 to purchase this week’s groceries, as well as a few items for my store cupboard, in order to build up the stores again. I didn’t keep a tally as I shopped, but I just put in items I genuinely needed. The woman on the till totted up my shopping, and asked me for £17.60.


I did a double take, naturally. I couldn’t believe all of the shopping you can see above was only valued at £17.60. I was delighted. My final payday from Cath Kidston has been and gone and I’m keeping a keener eye on my pennies. The value and quality of the products have prompted a desire in me to become a regular shopper at Aldi. The others can fight it out amongst themselves. My money’s on Aldi, for truthfully providing more for less.


3 thoughts on “A change of scenery

  1. I am sure there is to be a new Aldi in Winchester soon, although I am not sure exactly where it will be. I am a little disappointed as we have recently relocated to Portsmouth and are not now within walking distance of Aldi like we were at Fareham, but at least we have the car so I can get to supermarkets regularly.

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