Frugal Fridays #15

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading the adventures on Dropscone last month. She has just completed a £100 spending challenge for the whole month. Dropscone had to budget for food, travel and entertainment all out of the £100, and she did it!

I must admit to feeling very inspired by this and have decided to take up the challenge myself. This post is the official start of my £116 challenge for November!

One hundred and sixteen? Why that number?

Well, £100 was moved in to my account for the start of the month. And £16 is the pitiful amount left over from last month. So that’s what I’ve got to work with for the rest of November. I’ve already paid out a massive £35 on food to last me the month, and £16 on advanced train tickets in preparation for Christmas. I have £65 to live off for November. I’m feeling really positive about this challenge though – any one up for joining me?


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