Like a fish in the sea, a bird in the sky

The thriftiness continues! I do believe this will be my third no-spend day in a row. I have been invited to several events recently, which will mean parting with some cash sometime in the near future. But frugal living is not about punishment. I’m very much looking forward to seeing my friends – this lifestyle is all about what you make of it. So far, I have taken to my challenge like a duck to water. But I know it’s not smooth sailing for everybody, and some people didn’t even choose to get in the boat. I thought I would share how I stay motivated to save money, perhaps to provide some tips to get someone started.

1)      I normally have something in mind that I’m saving up for. For the majority of this year, all of my saving was geared towards my trip to Europe. Every extra shift at work was more pounds into the Europe Fund. I think paying for unforgettable experiences is money well spent. Maybe you’re saving for a trip too, or a gadget or piece of kitchen equipment that you’ve got your heart set on. Keep that ideal object in mind every time you reach for your purse.

2)      I set my priorities. For example, I keep my food bill low so that there is always money to spare for a coffee with friends or a trip to the cinema. I know some frugaleurs would see this as trivial spending, but they are my priorities and it works for me. Do what makes you happy. If you have the money to spare, don’t purposefully decline something because it’s not “frugal”.

3)      That being said, there is a self-satisfying buzz to living a frugal life. When you create a meal for a few pence, or concoct a new outfit from clothes you already own; it’s a nice feeling. I felt particularly thrifty today during a break in our seminar. My classmates visited the coffee shop or the vending machine. I pulled out a flask of tea and a Tupperware box of carrot sticks and Brazil nuts. Simple yes, but certainly cost-effective.

I hope sharing my own reasons for my economical life has motivated you to stick with yours, whatever path it may follow.

Balance: £65 to last 26 days.

EDIT: I went to make brownies this afternoon to find that my scales were broken! I unearthed the battery I had on hand to replace the old one, but to no avail. My 22year old scales are kaput. I’ve placed an order on Amazon this evening. A book might have fallen into my basket also – all about priorities!

New Balance: £49.40 to last 26 days.


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