A kitchen companion

As you may have seen in my edit on my last post, I had an unforeseen expense. My kitchen scales finally bit the dust. They could not be resuscitated with a fresh battery and have been buried in the bag that is destined for the big recycling depot in the sky. They had a good innings. They were a constant fixture of my mother’s kitchen long before they came to live in Winchester with me.

But alas, out with the old and in with the new! My Salter scales should be arriving within the next few days. In a small shared kitchen, there are not many pieces of equipment that I can have to hand. But I’m truly lost without my scales. Not only has all baking grinded to a halt, but I’m having to guess how much food validates a portion size. It’s not a concern with my weight that drives me to weigh my food, it is the custom of a frugal chef. I need to get x amounts of portions out of a bag of pasta and therefore I weigh out each portion accordingly. Obviously, it’s not the worst thing in the world, but I will be glad when the inconvenience is over.

One expense that was seen and possibly could have been avoided was the purchase of a new book. I have come across Nella Last’s War in several other books concerning World War Two and the home front. I found a used copy for £2.81 (including p&p) and couldn’t resist. On the flip side, I borrowed a new-to-me DVD from a friend today. So that’s frugal entertainment at no extra cost! The balancing act lives on.


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