An oxymoronic way to write

Here at Number 34, Wednesdays have been christened Slob Day Wednesdays. This involves staying in the house, wearing the ceremonial dress of oversized jumpers and tracksuits and getting lots of work done.

There is no sarcasm to be found in that last statement. We do get lots of work done on Wednesdays. Staying indoors gives us the necessary time to complete assignments. Comfortable clothes are the best option when you’re spending the majority of the day tied to a desk.


The various ways of getting work done fascinates me. I have a friend who cannot write a word unless she is within the formal setting of the library. At the other end of the spectrum, another friend does her best work in bed, kitted out in pyjamas. As for me, I opt for the middle of the road. My outfit today consists of light grey tracksuit bottoms, a long-sleeved top and a heavy-knit cardigan. But I set up my laptop on our dining room table, a cup of tea close at hand. I use the old trick of tying my hair up to generate motivation, does anyone else do that?

This morning, I have added the finishing touches to my pre-writing rationale essay, the bulk of which I wrote on Monday. I was surprised to hear mutterings of “not-having-started-yet” during class yesterday. As previously mentioned, there is no right or wrong way to go about tackling a piece. But it is arguable the more effective methods take more time.

I’m so grateful for the additional time I now have since leaving my job. Although budgeting remains a challenge, the time I have to spend on my essays and my stories is priceless.


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