Frugal Fridays #16

I’m coming to you live from the chap’s Mac, so no pictures to serve as proof. But you will just have to believe me when I say my new scales and book arrived this morning! It’s odd how happy I was to finally have scales back in my kitchen. I am looking forward to baking up a storm at the weekend. If the delights from the oven are particularly tasty, I might even be inclined to post the recipe. No promises!

But as this is a frugal friday, I thought I’d share two standard tips for when you do have to make a purchase.

Tip One: Shop around. The scales I bought from Amazon cost £12. The same scales from my local Sainsbury’s cost £15. The £3 I saved went on my new-to-me book. Two items for the price of one, thrifty shopping at its best.

Tip Two: Don’t be afraid to buy second hand. I know I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but for the grasshoppers amongst us, second hand is the way to go. Books, clothes and furniture (amongst other things) are all cheaper when they’ve had a previous owner(s). It’s a form of recycling to me, to give a home to something that’s pre-loved. It saves landfill. If you shop carefully, you’ll often find second hand items to be in good condition, particularly books. I often donate books to charity shops so that they can be bought, read, donated and the lovely cycle can begin again. Don’t be prudish about second hand. We all share the same air and water and can all live peacefully with pre-loved items, I’m sure.

I hope my tips will assist whatever frugal journey you’re on. My phone bill came through and I have purchased a ticket to visit my chap. So the current balance is £54 to last 22 days. I’m feeling pretty confident that I will succeed in this challenge and use £150 as my monthly budget for the foreseeable future.


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