A self-imposed curfew

The internet is a wonderful thing. It contains a vast amount of information on every subject imaginable, and is being added to all the time. It provides a means of communication all around the world, uniting families and creating friendships. It gives all causes and associations a platform for portraying their opinions. Granted, some don’t use this gift in the right manner (the trolls and their cyberspace bridges come to mind), but it’s still incredible that this is possible.

But I spend far too much time trawling the internet. Click after click, webpage after webpage. I use catch up services, like Iplayer, but also there are a huge number of programmes on YouTube that I love watching. I can lose myself in a fascinating blog and two hours have gone by in a blink. As grateful as I am to the services the internet provides, I do feel that this is perhaps not the most efficient use of my time.

I cannot abandon the web completely. Not only because I couldn’t tear myself away from my beloved blogging, but because it is such an integral tool in University life. The tutors communicate with their students via email. Constructive criticism outlets can be found on Facebook. All details surrounding our submissions and assignments are all found online.

I cannot sever the tie completely. But I can impose a ban on the mindless browsing that normally takes over my evenings. No screens after 6pm – that is my new rule. Now, this will not be the case for every night, I couldn’t give up movie nights either. But I’m hoping this rule will allow me to focus more on my writing, as well as turning my attention towards other hobbies. I would like to read more books, and not just the ones outlined on my course. I would also like to do more crafting, especially in the run up to Christmas. I’m looking forward to immersing myself in other activities. And then blogging about them, naturally.

(PS Thank you kindly for all the lovely likes and comments I’ve received about my brownie recipe – they made me beam!)


One thought on “A self-imposed curfew

  1. Oops, sorry Rebecca I have only just caught up with this – this 4 letter thing called ‘work’ keeps getting in the way! Anyway, I agree with your sentiment about the internet – it is very sad to admit that with our nomadic lifestyle means I have very little contact with people, but blogging has really made this life really great. I can feel part of a specific community who often have common interests and outlooks, and of course we are all a bit nosey so like to see what is going on in other people’s world. But between my blog commenting, craft (re)searching and general poking about I spend far too long on the internet – often lose most of an evening. I think I may need to join you in a self emposed excile but it would have to be later then 6pm as I don’t actually get in from work until then.

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