A tale of two halves

My experiment concerning screens worked marvellously last night. The laptop was switched off when I went to prepare dinner. After my delightful meal of chilli con carne (less than £1 a portion), I retired to my bed chamber for a truly relaxing evening. I put a few more stitches in my latest Christmas gift. My back didn’t suffer once, thanks to my new chair. I also got lots of reading done. I fell asleep swiftly, unlike previous nights when the laptop was present. This has been a successful endeavour.

But alas, my budgeting challenge has not shared in that success. I have moved those goal posts once more. After being invited to a day out in Camberley with my sister, I knew I would need more funds to cover the trip. All is not lost, as I will still come in under the £200 base line. It’s just a shame I couldn’t quite remain within the allocated boundaries.

However, I have learnt lessons in this quest. Like the virtues of bulk buying and the fact that if you don’t carry cash, you can’t spend coins on things you will forget about the next day. I am not defeated. I shall continue to strive to live the simple life. I shall try again in December, hopefully sticking to the budget I set. After reading a section in Nella Last’s War (and a few online calculations), Nella’s housekeeping budget would be equivalent of £139.45 a month, which is surprisingly close to my own £150 target. I also plan on relishing the challenge of a thrifty Christmas next month too.

I feel pleased that I am conscious of thriftiness and the value of money. I’m not sure the same could be said for some of my peers. I watched a friend pay £5.58 for her lunch at the campus shop today. I’m quite certain my packed lunch cost less than half that amount, even with expensive gluten-free bread. It’s the little things that make the most difference.

The frugal lifestyle really speaks to me and I appreciate the morals it conveys. So although I have wobbled on this month’s challenge, it won’t deter me from thrifty living. I shall continue to try, for I am very comfortable with my chosen path.


4 thoughts on “A tale of two halves

    • I shall continue for as long as I can! It feels great to spend time reading in the evening, it reminds me of when I was younger. I used to get through three books a week in those days! Best of luck if you do decide to give it a go 🙂

  1. Great results with the laptop experiment; also well done on your finances. Even though you have gone over your target slightly it is still very frugal and as you say you will (and are) learning along the way. I think it is great that you are so aware of the value of money, I just wish more people were (not just the young).

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