Classic, with a twist.

I adore the cuisine that comes along with winter. The change in the temperature has stirred a shift in my kitchen. I love hearty stews that fill the whole house with scent. Or cradling a hot bowl of porridge in the morning, topped with sweet-spiced apple sauce – delicious! Up near the top on my list of cold weather food has got to be cottage pie. I’m a big believer in mashed potato for this time of year (read: all the time throughout the year).

My version is piggy pie; pork mince being the twist in the tale. This is a recipe I often return to, and I had just the right ingredients that needed using up. I made the base layer as you do, adding a little of this and a bit of that.



The topping was mashed sweet potato, as that is what I had in the cupboard. It doesn’t need milk and butter in the same way you would treat regular potato, it is better without the additions. I added a little grated cheddar on top, and a couple of slices of tomatoes I saved from lunch time.


I may not see eye to eye with Frugal Queen regarding Christmas, but she has hit the nail on the head with portion size. I have known to be a terrible glutton on occasions. But half of this dish, served with a generous amount of peas and spinach, was a lovely meal for me. Besides, the brownie I enjoyed later on filled any remaining gaps. I find home cooking fills the heart as well as the stomach, particularly this time of year (read: yes, I mean all the time).

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