OPPD Update #1

Saturday 16th – Monday 18th November


Starting money: £1 Spent: 52p (milk) Finishing money: 48p


Starting money: £1.48 Spent: £1.20 (1xcarrot, 3xapples, 1xsweet potato) Finishing money: 28p


Starting money: £1.28 Spent: 80p (snickers bar) Finishing money: 48p

I’ve made a good start on this challenge, but this is aided by still having the cupboards relatively full. I have been using up leftover meals in the freezer, as well as a few remaining ingredients I had from before the challenge. As I still have healthy looking stock, I didn’t feel too bad about buying a chocolate bar today, but I can’t do that too often if I’m going to sustain this.

It was interesting at the supermarket on Sunday. I was looking at the prices of various things and thinking “That’s two and a half days meals just for one thing!” It really does make you consider relative cost.

So far, so good!


4 thoughts on “OPPD Update #1

  1. Hi there Rebecca. Well done on your challenge so far. I am not sure if you are in a position to shop later in the day, but there are often some goods bargains to be had. I popped into Morrisons on my way home and found an identical loaf to the one I bought at lunchtime at only 30p instead of £1.30 – oh how I wish I had a freezer!! I did buy some bacon lardons reduced to 19p and a big bag of sprounts for 29p, also some reduced stewing steak and special offer mince. I know you cannot eat bread but if it is not too far to the shops for you (even Co-op or Tesco express often has good bargains) you may reap the reward.

  2. You can’t eat many Snickers bars at 80p each from now on 🙂

    Is that how much they are now – gosh. I’ve not bought them singly for ages, I’ve managed to get stocks of them from Approved Foods for the last year or so, I’ll not be buying many at that price either!!

    • I know right! It must have been my last hurrah 😛 I’ve got a few things tucked away in my stock that I got from an Approved Order ages ago. It’s time to move them to the front of the cupboard 🙂 Thank you for commenting!

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