They think it’s all over.

Some of the more eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed a distinct lack of posting on my blog yesterday. Yes, after 20 days of consecutive blogging, the NaBloPoMo challenge finally beat me. I was sorely tempted to keep going, pretending my faux pas never even happened, but I would only be cheating myself. I’ve never taken part in a blogging challenge before, and it was fun to come up with ideas for posts every day. I plan on surpassing 20 days next November. But for now, normal blogging service will resume; Monday OPPD post, Wednesday post and Friday post. Not every Friday post will be about Frugal Fridays, only when I’ve got something truly frugal to write about!

As for today, I have unleashed my inner Christmas fairy. I cracked open (not literally) my piggy bank last week, and I’ve saved £22 in pound coins in about seven months. It’s not an incredible amount, but it is certainly enough for a fair few gifts. I have spent £8 of that on chocolate gifts this morning, making the most of the offers at Sainsbury’s.


I have £14 remaining to buy stamps, pay for postage and buy a few smaller gifts to go alongside my homemade items 🙂 Let the festivities commence!


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