Defence is the best offence

How delightful it is to be able to return to my blog at long last. Other commitments have kept me away, but I return to you now with gusto!

Christmas preparations have been proceeding harmoniously. I have most of my presents sorted, as well as travel arrangements organised. Even New Year plans have started to take shape. Talking of shape, I’ve decided to take control of my own. This time of year is infamous for gluttony and overindulgence. Instead of waging war with temptation, I am opting for a defensive stance.


In the run up to the festive season, I plan to be the epitome of health. I have removed any lingering junk food from my stores today, most of it being donated to fellow housemates. I still won’t tolerate waste on my path to health! From now until Christmas Day, I will be striving to eat no chocolate, sweets or processed sugar of any kind. I became reliant on the sweet stuff during my hectic assignment time and I truly need to cut back. This is not a declaration of never eating chocolate again (let’s not be silly), but rather taking control of the situation to a more sensible level.

The Christmas holidays have begun, so I now have more time to do more exercise. I have missed running regularly, and will soon establish an exercise routine.

By eating clean and exercising more, I’m hoping to lose a little weight, certainly. But more importantly, I want to adopt a healthier way of life and not crave wrong food as much as I do at the moment. That’s the plan anyways.


2 thoughts on “Defence is the best offence

  1. This is such a sensible approach. Working in the office we seem to have had ‘treats on the table’ quite literally for most days over the last week or so. On Thursday morning there were none, and everyone felt deprived, so about four people went out and bought bits and pieces, sweet, savoury festive and ‘normal’ but we all spent the afternoon and next day nibbling. I realised by the end of Friday I had not eaten one piece of fruit in two days. A year ago we started to eat more sensibly and managed to lose nearly two stone, and despite still being a bit overweight I have not felt so good in years; I really don’t want to let it all slip now. I really need to get back on track with the healthy eating. I don’t think we will have too much extra for Christmas itself as we are only around on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, before heading off for a mini excursion to Edinburgh for Hogmanay (with our motorhome of course). As we take our home with us we eat normally when we are travelling so apart from a slight increase in the alchol intake things should even out, but I am trying a bit harder in the new year, with more soup, salad and stir fries (along with fruit and water increases) I also pledge to return to regular swimming, especially as the pool is only at the end of the road!! Oops, I have stated that publicly so I have to follow it thorough!!

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