Perfectly pracitical in every way

I’m sure I have mentioned practical presents before. It makes so much sense to me for gifts to fulfil your needs, as well as your wants. My sister responded to my brief of “practicality” with gusto.

            We exchanged presents early as we will be spending another Christmas apart. Not ideal, but that is just the nature of the circumstances. My sister is a fan of sensible presents too, so she was pleased with her Amazon voucher. She can use it for her Kindle, items for her home or anything else she desires. I also bought her the largest Cadbury selection box you can get. It’s a tradition.

            In return, I received some truly lovely gifts.


A large bottle of Herbal Essences shampoo and its matching conditioner. Two pairs of very fluffy socks. A vanilla scented candle hidden within an owl. A packet of gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. Simple face wash. Simple eye make-up remover. Simple deep cleansing mask.


            Thanks to my sister, I don’t think I’ll need to buy toiletries for the foreseeable future. This will certainly aid my next challenge. It’s going to be a lean time for me next year, but I’m determined to make the most of it with an uplifting challenge. I shall reveal all at a later date.

            I hope everyone is having a marvellous time preparing for Christmas. I love this time of year. I will be travelling to Glastonbury to spend the festive season with my parents and I can’t wait! I hope your Christmas plans are equally as jolly.

PS I’ve donated a jar of mincemeat, a packet of stuffing and a box of stock cubes to my local food bank, in the hope that it will make someone’s Christmas just that little bit easier. It would be wonderful if everyone could do the same and spread the Christmas cheer J


3 thoughts on “Perfectly pracitical in every way

  1. I am a fan of practical presents too, with our lifestyle we just cannot keep too many ornamental things! The trouble is that most of our family just don’t get it!! I look forward to hearing your new challenge, I cannot believe how you could make it harder for yourself but really admire your common sense. Have a lovely Christmas with the folks, I love Glastonbury, and hope to squeeze in a quick trip before we head off for new (working) pastures in the spring (of course the ideal situation is to find a campsite job in the area and combine business and pleasure!)

  2. OH I got practical presents too! In fact I think I got that exact same Simple stuff! It’s so much better being given things you need.. saves going out and buying them! Hope you had a lovely christmas and new year! (Bit late but oops) xx

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