Cheap and cheerful

The end of my time at University is creeping ever closer, but I’m not fretful. As much as I’ve enjoyed myself throughout these past three years, I know it’s time to move on to the next stage. The job hunt has begun in earnest and I’ve started browsing online for affordable flats. Those are my most important objectives for this summer; income and shelter. I’m trying to remain within budget for the remaining months I have left in Winchester, as it would stand me in good stead to have money in the pot when I move on. I have saved over the years, so money for deposits and preliminary rents is not a primary concern. But I know I will need cash to furnish my new place, buy suitable uniform for my new job and possible travel expenses too.

In order to keep adding to this saving fund, I’m trying to make my money last as long as possible. The food shop is controlled, but not so much that I’m missing out on vital nutrients. I have cut down on other areas of my life as I see fit. I’ve been relying on the library rather than buying (albeit second hand) books. I try to only buy one magazine a month, not four! And I’ve taken a long hard look at my cosmetics box.

I’m not one for make-up. I probably don’t spend more than £5 a year on the stuff. But I do like my hair products. I could spend a fiver on a bottle of shampoo quite readily. I decided this would be a good area to reassess, so I spent a grand total of 49p on this beauty.


I went for the baby shampoo, as I thought it would be more sensitive for my hair. I have long, thick hair so I was interested to see how this Basics bottle would hold up to my normal brands. I have been genuinely impressed. My hair is just as shiny as previously, and stays looking fresh until my next shower. You do have to use more of the product than I would normally, but for the price, it’s no hardship. I was comfortable using the Basics baby shampoo because of its against animal testing logo. It was clear that care had been taken with this product, and I appreciated that. It’s made me think about what other branded cosmetics I use, and whether I truly need to replace them when the supplies run out.


What value range beauty supplies do you use? Any tips for a recent convert?


6 thoughts on “Cheap and cheerful

  1. I don’t spend much on cosmetics either, have managed to get away with a cheap face moisturiser for a while now, although in the last two or three months I seem to have aged about 10 years (just because I turned 50!) My favourite is Nivea, but have also used Lidl’s night and day cream, but I know Aldi is very highly thought of and used to be £1.99 a pot of 50ml. In the last year I have been buying a huge pot of general Vitamin E moisturiser from Boots, and this is fairly good for the price (around £3.50) I know some people really are not able to use cheap face creams, but may be worth a try. I love a nice shower gel, but have recently been substituting that for some bubble bath that needed using up, and many people use budget shower gel as handwash (have done that too) I have often used baby lotion as a body moisturiser, but the budget ones can be a little thin, so have used them to thin down thicker, more lush ones! Actually now I think about it, I do tend to dilute a lot of things!!!

    • I’ve heard good things about the Aldi face creams too. I’m currently using Superdrug own brand and I’ve been pleased with the results. They retail around the same price, about £2 a pot. I buy a lot of my toiletries in the January sales; you get nice stuff at half the price!
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. I’ve also used baby shampoo/body wash for multiple uses in the past, and it’s fairly cheap wherever you go if you’re investing in the value bottle. I, too, also love the library, I think they’re sadly overlooked nowadays with the internet being so available.

    I noticed that E.L.F. beauty products are generally cheap and very effective. I’m not sure how they get away with it, but they do!

    • Hi there, thank you so much for following my blog 🙂 I agree, the internet is taking away some of the joy of heading to the library and picking up actual books to browse. I’m one of these people who are anti-Kindle!
      Thank you for your comment 🙂

  3. I have tried the basic brands of face cream and shampoo but unfortunately they really didn’t suit me, so although I buy Oil of Olay face creams (the moisturiser/serum version) and a generic version of Head and Shoulders I feel the extra expense is worth it as really I don’t use many products at all.

    I do however buy the basic line shower gel and use this in the soap dispenser for washing our hands after doing mucky jobs outdoors, with a few drops of Tea Tree oil added as an anti bacterial it’s great for soothing work scratched hands.

  4. That value baby shampoo idea is a great tip, and one I wouldn’t have thought of.

    A bit extreme, but I’m finding my shampoo goes a lot further since I cut my hair really short! The solid shampoo I got from Lush years ago doesn’t seem to be shrinking much.

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