My morning oats

In my last post, it was a dinner meal that was being altered to fit the new season. But this time, I’m turning my attention to breakfast. I’ve always been a breakfast type of person, I’m definitely a fan. You know you get people who just aren’t breakfast people? Yeah, that’s not me. Ever since coming to University, my standard breakfast has been porridge, that good ol’ fashioned standby. I would say 80% of my breakfasts are porridge with some sort of fruit (strawberries/bananas/mixed berries). It’s a cheap, filling bowl of goodness – perfect.

But since the weather has taken a turn for the better, standing over the hob stirring hot milk isn’t appealing right now. But neither is paying out extortionate amounts for gluten-free cereal. The solution is simple; make the oats the star of the cereal bowl. Cold porridge doesn’t sound appetizing, but how about bircher muesli, overnight oats or oat cereal instead? Whatever label you want to give it, it tastes good.



Add 4og of oats to 150ml milk (whatever kind of milk you choose) and place in the fridge for a good half hour, to forty minutes. This can be done overnight, but this was just how I prepared mine.


Take out of the fridge, stir through fruit of your choice and serve. I’ve only tried it with strawberries so far (in season and oh so tasty) but I think it would work well with all summer berries.


Cool, refreshing and yet still economical and satisfying. And it tastes even better when you sit outside in the sunshine listening to the birdsong. After all, that’s what summer is all about.


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