A balancing act

My sincere thanks go to Declutterbug for nominating my humble blog for an award. I’ve been so erratic with posts lately, I’m sure I don’t deserve such praise, but thank you so much for the nomination.

I’ve been living in Southampton for a month and I thought things would get easier after payday. But I have been scuppered with unforeseen expense that have forced me to constantly adjust my budget.

I now have a spread sheet detailing my food shopping lists for the next four weeks. They are all based on the system of rationing that I am so enchanted with. This scheme was organised by the best nutritional scientists of the age and their recommendations still correlate with healthy eating advice today. I bought my first allocation of weekly rations on Monday, but I’m already running into difficulties.

The main reason I return to wartime rationing is that it helps me to eat health food on a budget. I went to the beach yesterday and had a glorious time. Ice cream wasn’t rationed during the war, but was rarely available. Not healthy, not cost-efficient, but I still ate it.

Dried fruit and nuts was rationed as part of the points system, but how do you calculate the points value of a 30g snack pack?

My housemate bought 9 eggs as they were the cheapest to buy, but says she won’t use all of them within the “use by” date. They have become “house eggs” and I’m free to use however many I want. Surely no member of 1940s society would have turned down free eggs?

I am facing certain challenges whilst trying to stick with my rationing guidelines, but I think if I ensure I don’t eat more sweets than my ration, and stay within my money budget, I think this scheme will be beneficial overall.

2 thoughts on “A balancing act

  1. Hiya, how lovely to hear from you again. I expect that working full-time in a new place is causing a few hiccups – we all assume that everything will be very straightforward when changes occur but we are still finding additional expenses after our motorhome change, and now we are incurring additional expenses so that we are ready to escape on our winter excursion in Europe and we only have one more payday before we go!
    Are you finding working in a supermarket an advantage or not? We are not far from Scarborough town and so close to the cheap shops we have been seduced to eat and drink more than we normally would so our monthly budget and waistline have become a little damaged. However being with friendly people for the summer when I am so far away from my own family has really helped, and working on such a large and busy site has made the time fly by and given me loads of hands-on experience. I hope things settle down for you in August, and you are able to share your progress with us all. X

    • Hi Alison, thank you so much for your comment. It has been a massive change, but definitely a positive one. I try not to take any money with me when I go to work because I know I’ll be tempted by “bargains” that will soon add up. It sounds like you’ve been having a really interesting time with your new motorhome, I look forward to hearing about your travels in Europe 🙂

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