Ging gang goolie goolie

I’ve been having a busy time lately. I’ve been rising from bed in the dark and going to sleep in the light. My body clock is just starting to realign itself again and I thought it was high time for a post. Last week, when my working hours were not corresponding to my natural rhythm, I didn’t feel like doing much. Gaming didn’t appeal, I didn’t have the patience for craft and aside from Bake Off and Doctor Who, there was little to grasp my attention on the television. So I picked up a book.


(Apologies for the glare in the photo)

This was a glorious find from the library. How The Girl Guides Won the War by Janie Hampton was a twee and sometimes shockingly truthful account regarding Brownies and Guides during World War Two. I must admit, I didn’t realise the extensive work that was performed by these young girls. I feel it should have more acknowledgement than just one book, even though this book is a delightful read. I thought Hampton wove the accounts of former Guides with her own research seamlessly. I was a Brownie during my younger years and certain recollections made me smile, as I too remember singing songs and playing Tag at Brownie Camp. But I also learnt a lot from this text, including the state of various occupied territories. I knew there was stark poverty and starvation in post-war Europe, but I didn’t quite realise the extent until Hampton describes the Dutch roasting tulip bulbs to eat. It certainly added a whole new dimension to my WW2 knowledge.

I would recommend this book to any history buff, any girl guide and anyone else who likes a good non-fiction book.


PS I hope to return with more regular posts now that my work schedule had calmed down.

2 thoughts on “Ging gang goolie goolie

  1. I bet that made interesting reading. I was a Brownie and then a Guide, and then I went back as a ‘Snowy Owl’ to the Brownies, I loved it all.

    The best bit was ‘going up’ from Brownies to Guides, the Guides met at the time the Brownies were leaving the church hall and when someone was due to join the Guides the meetings overlapped with a special ceremony. and the ones that were ‘Going Up’ had to jump over a three foot high toadstool helped by Brown and Tawny Owl in front of both packs.

    My brother was a Cub and a Scout, but I always thought we girls had more fun.

    • How lovely that you got to be a Snowy Owl too, I bet those must be fond memories 🙂 We moved house around the time that I would’ve moved up to Guides and I never thought to find out about it in the new area. They called it “Flying up” in the book, it’s such a lovely idea. Did you ever go to Brownie/Guide camp? Thanks for commenting!

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