Over and out

After a bout of ill health that has struck me this week, I could not be more relieved to be disappearing on a jet plane later on this afternoon. The chap and I are off on our hols, and about time to if you don’t mind me saying so. This summer has been a struggle, a truly turbulent time when I wasn’t sure if I was coming or going from one week to the next. I plan on spending this next week abroad doing all of my favourite things, including eating, practising yoga, exploring historical sights, drinking cocktails and reading. Then, on my return, I can at last get down to the serious business of finding a permanent base and setting down my roots. I’ve been longing to feel settled and content for awhile now, but I know that sensation is right around the corner. 

But for now, I’m going to indulge in some R&R and ready myself for the challenge ahead. We’ve been saving for our holiday for awhile, so there is no harm in a few treats. But the lunch boxes are packed and magazines have been borrowed instead of bought; it makes no sense to completely forgo frugality for the sake of it. 

Wishing you all a lovely week and I shall return soon.