Now my friends, the time is near

New month, new year, new start. I feel sorry to type this down and commit this thought, but I feel like I have outgrown The Domestic Storyteller. I am as domestic as ever, running my household, keeping to my budgets and cooking up a storm. And yet, I am no longer a teller of stories. If my miserable attempts at a dissertation taught me anything, it was that I am not destined to write fiction. I have ideas, plenty in fact, but none of the gusto required to mould them into tangible stories.

I write, therefore I am. I couldn’t stop my pen on paper, even if I wanted to. Food; that’s what keeps me writing. During whichever story I was working on at the time, the only thing I wanted to blog about was good food. Food and enjoyment. Food and society. Food and necessity. These are the themes that intrigue me the most. And so I shall keep on writing, just not under this alias. Please join my continued adventures on Cooking in the Nook, a new site I am developing in order to correlate with my new goals. I want to build a career out of my passion for food and I do so hope you’ll read my documentation of this journey. I have such big dreams, such high hopes and it would be wonderful if you could support me in chasing them.

Thank you all for your readership and comments on The Domestic Storyteller. The blog will remain live because I don’t have the heart to pull it down. Best wishes to all, until we meet again, on some sunny day.