Now my friends, the time is near

New month, new year, new start. I feel sorry to type this down and commit this thought, but I feel like I have outgrown The Domestic Storyteller. I am as domestic as ever, running my household, keeping to my budgets and cooking up a storm. And yet, I am no longer a teller of stories. If my miserable attempts at a dissertation taught me anything, it was that I am not destined to write fiction. I have ideas, plenty in fact, but none of the gusto required to mould them into tangible stories.

I write, therefore I am. I couldn’t stop my pen on paper, even if I wanted to. Food; that’s what keeps me writing. During whichever story I was working on at the time, the only thing I wanted to blog about was good food. Food and enjoyment. Food and society. Food and necessity. These are the themes that intrigue me the most. And so I shall keep on writing, just not under this alias. Please join my continued adventures on Cooking in the Nook, a new site I am developing in order to correlate with my new goals. I want to build a career out of my passion for food and I do so hope you’ll read my documentation of this journey. I have such big dreams, such high hopes and it would be wonderful if you could support me in chasing them.

Thank you all for your readership and comments on The Domestic Storyteller. The blog will remain live because I don’t have the heart to pull it down. Best wishes to all, until we meet again, on some sunny day.

I’m in!

It’s official, I have left my residence at Winchester. I’m now living and working in Southampton. I secured the job at a local supermarket and I start next week. I’ve had to pay out a fair amount recently to cover costs, so I’m back to some seriously thrifty activities! This is just a quick post to catch up, I hope to be blogging more comprehensively very soon.


I just wanted to report that I’ve heard from my mum, who has heard from the hospital, and the news is good. The lump is benign and offers no threat at present. We’re all really chuffed with the great result. I think my whole family breathed a collective sigh of relief!

Thank you all for the kind, supportive comments. My mind is now free to fully return to domestic storytelling matters 🙂

The C Word

Last Wednesday started off really well. I began my day with a run, swiftly followed by a cool shower and then tucked into a big bowl of porridge. I was at my desk by 9am, after putting on a batch of laundry.

I enjoyed a productive morning; two sets of notes typed up, an opening page complete and my research into nutrition for children had started. I was going to have soup for lunch, with a nice gluten-free roll. I had already begun planning the day’s blog post. I was looking forward to spending my evening with my chap, safe in the knowledge that I had worked well. There would be more time for storytelling at the weekend.

Then I got a phone call from my mum.

I was on a train. In the morning, there was another train, then another. I was in Glastonbury. I was keeping my mother company by drinking wine and eating chocolate. I was struggling to sleep. I was in the car. I was at the hospital. I was at the hospital. I was still at the hospital. I was hugging my mother. I was listening to the nurse. I was smiling.

She has the odds in her favour, but we have to wait until later on this week to confirm that. It has been a scary time for me and my family, one huge loop in the roller coaster. I felt like I couldn’t carry on my standard blogging topics without acknowledging that it’s been tough lately. But it’s time to get back on track. I’ve already been working on various things I fell behind on, but I don’t begrudge that at all. It’s all about priorities. I had to answer the call for help.

My October Challenge fell to the wayside, naturally. You just don’t think about costs when you’re using money for a reason. Besides, I’ve never felt luckier to own so little. I am wealthy in one crucial aspect. Health. And I want it to remain that way for as long as I live.