Frugal Fridays #6

Out of all the items I bought during my big shop at the start of the month, I have been most impressed with the versatility of a bag of Basics frozen mixed vegetables. I paid 75p for a 1kg bag of diced carrot, peas, cauliflower and broccoli. I’ve had some mixed with brown rice and drizzled with a little sesame oil and chilli sauce to create a yummy cold packed lunch. I’ve had some boiled in stock with a diced potato to make a very filling soup.


It’s been a wonderful side dish, steamed in the microwave and then tossed with a little butter.


But my best recipe was combining a large portion of veg with a can of Basics red kidney beans, a carton of Basics chopped tomatoes, a diced sweet potato and some Cajun spice. This veggie chilli was a very cheap dish, but it made a lot. It’s colourful and healthy, and above all, yummy! I shall be making this dish again. And I will be buying Basics frozen mixed veg again. No need to yet though, I’ve still got half a bag in the freezer. I wonder what I can make with that . . .