Swiss Breakfast

My new job is fairly manual, meaning there is a fair amount of lifting and pushing and pulling involved in my day-to-day working life. Without trying to sound like a television advert, I need a sustaining breakfast to help me get through until lunch time. I don’t really do cereals anymore, mostly because I can’t eat many of them and also because I don’t think they keep me full as well as oats.

It’s far too hot for porridge at the moment so I’ve been adventurous with my morning oats and have created my ideal bowl of muesli. Although the word “muesli” wasn’t in common use during wartime, I did find a recipe for Swiss breakfast, which is basically the same thing. This is an evolved version of the overnight oats I featured here.


In the mix, we’ve got:

1 chopped apple

large handful of oats

small handful of sultanas

sprinkle of seed mix

1 tsp honey

semi-skimmed milk


I don’t leave mine overnight to soak, but it is nicer if you leave it in the fridge for ten minutes before eating. The ingredients all fit into my rationing guidelines, aside from the seed mix which was left over from before. I wonder if I will get to a time when all my stores of food are all from rations or the points system. I do hope so.