A Summer Evening

Sometimes niceties fall into one’s lap, a delightful surprise from out of the blue. Other times, bombs detonate right in front of you, and there is nothing you can do about it.

One pleasant event for me recently was gaining extra hours at work. The more money I can earn the better. But my good fortune was the aftermath of a colleague suffering with a family grievance. I’m sure we can all relate to this kind of sadness.

It can be hard to stay strong when the seas get rough, just as it can be hard to truly appreciate the calm waters. I think by celebrating every day, the two balance out. Sometimes, I grumble about having to go to work. And then I stop. I rephrase my mindset and the day looks a lot better. I am lucky to go out to work. I have a lovely job in a beautiful store where I am treated with kindness and allowed so many privileges. I think by noticing the good in every day, it makes it a little bit easier when the bad explodes into view.

I like to smile at the little things in life. Even though I was tired during my walk home from work, I still stopped to admire the sun rays pouring through the trees. And I enjoyed a mammoth baking session this evening. A huge batch of banana cake batter yielded 6 muffins, 12 cupcakes and a little loaf made with the spare. Bananas are not, by any stretch of the imagination, a wartime ingredient. But when your housemate hands you a bunch of very ripe bananas, throwing them away is the last things on your mind. This will keep my freezer happy for a nice long time.


And I am happy too. I have a job. I have a passion. I have support. I believe this is what they call contentment.