The cupboard of dreams

Since moving into my own home and having increased access to more storage space, I have come to highly appreciate the usefulness of a well-equipped store cupboard. Very little actual money has been spent this week. Any new products I have acquired have been from various points and vouchers. The majority of my meals are being concocted from what I’ve already got.

For example, breakfasts have consisted of reduced GF bagels lurking in the freezer, or berry porridge made with milk bought on points.


Lunches have been made up of the range of loaves and rolls I’ve frozen earlier in the month. Add a bit of cheese and salad, a piece of fruit and a lunchbox has been made. For my sister’s visit, I only had to purchase an aubergine and a courgette to make this delicious ratatouille dish for us to share. The addition of the GF cous cous was perfection.


When the days before payday are creeping by, I’ve learnt it’s important to focus on what you do have, rather than what you don’t have. I have no more peppers in stock, or tins of kidney beans. But I’ve still managed to make a hearty chilli, using bargain mince from a recent shopping trip, no peppers but a fat onion and no kidney beans, but a couple of tablespoons of red lentils. Thanks to the slow cooker, this humble meal should taste exceptional by this evening.



Necessity is the mother of invention. When my purse is fuller once more, I shall have to replenish my beloved store cupboard, so that next month, I’ll still be eating well right up to the end of the month.


Frugal Fridays #2

This week’s Frugal Friday fun is foodie based. I will gladly change my food plan if I see something good on offer. And this was a very good offer.


Braising beef, £2.24 for 400g! Very impressed with this bargain. It got thrown into my slow cooker with root vegetables, improvised stock made from gluten-free gravy powder and a bay leaf found in my spice box.

The results were delicious. I love having meals ready and waiting for the rest of the week.



Beef £2.24

Parsnip 25p

3x carrots 12p

Onion 23p

Pre-packed half swede 54p

olive oil/bay leaf/stock powder/seasoning – already in store cupboard.

Total cost = £3.38 Divided by 5 portions = 68p per portion! Can’t go wrong with a hearty stew 🙂

I was lucky with bargains on my last supermarket shop actually. I prefer to use butter when baking and cooking because you can understand the ingredients list, compared to some of the chemical-ridden margarines. Countrylife butter was on offer, 750g for £3. Sainsbury’s own brand butter, you would have to pay £4.50 for the same amount. This will last me the month, if not longer.


And because I’ve learnt to read use-by dates with a pinch of salt, I got a dozen eggs for £1.96. That’s even cheaper than the Farmer’s Market! They are free range eggs from some fancy farm and made a delicious omelette for lunch. I’ll use these up in no time; omelettes, scrambled eggs, pancakes, cakes, cookies, lots of possibilities for a frugal cook’s best friend.


I hope you’ve all managed to procure some bargains recently. Thanks to feedback from pipknits, I’ve made a proper “About” page. Do let me know what you think of it 🙂 I’m still learning about the ins and outs of WordPress, and I know there is definite room for improvement. Have a lovely weekend.