The Stoptober Challenge

I have never been a smoker. But I do have an unfortunate habit of buying things I don’t particularly need. Like groceries for example. It has never been more important for me to make every penny count. I’m hoping the frugal challenge of Stoptober will help me with this aim.

The challenge is designed to make sure you only spend money on essentials. As I enjoyed a birthday recently, I’m in a lucky starting position. This little lot should last me until November:

  • £13.35 cash in purse
  • £25 Sainsbury’s voucher
  • £20 New Look voucher
  • £2.50 worth of Nectar points

That averages out to a little over £20 a week for the rest of October. It’s not much, but I do have a store of items to use up instead of buying in. That’s another aim of the challenge, to ensure you make use of what you already have. I’m keeping a record of my spending so that I know in myself that I’m doing the challenge correctly.



I may not have much in my fridge right now, but my freezer drawer in full and my cupboard is overflowing. There are certainly more than a couple of meals to be made from foodstuffs I already have.

I will need to do a food shop at some point in October, but not yet. When I do go shopping, I shall take a list (naturally) and only purchase what I know I will use. I think I need to get out of the ritual of stocking up the cupboards purely for the purpose of filling the cupboards. It sounds silly, but I need to buy what I will eat, not just for the sake of having a full cupboard.

The New Look voucher was a birthday present. I’m planning to use it to purchase some sensible, day-to-day shoes, the kind that my wardrobe is sadly lacking. I’ve had to through a couple of pairs of shoes away recently as I’ve just worn through them. It’s a risk you have to take when you walk everywhere!

The essence of this month is all about being thrifty, being resourceful and being creative. That sounds like fun and games to me.