A new definition

My blog reader has been filled with posts about bountiful harvests and the goodies that are created from them. Rows of jars in jewel tones have turned me green with envy. I had to get involved, so I baked an apple and blackberry crumble this afternoon. The apples were from my parents’ tree, and the blackberries were picked just around the corner. It makes me feel accomplished to have made something using free ingredients. Simplicity has always appealed to me, as has a self-sufficient lifestyle.

In tune with this, I have been thinking about jobs this week. I’ve been ploughing through my final weeks at Cath Kidston and I’m about to start a long stretch of working days. I started to think that I would hope never to return to the constraints of a “proper” job. My life would not be divided into “at work” or “day off”. I wouldn’t be waiting on the next payday. I wouldn’t have to squeeze in seeing my family when the omniscient Rota allows it. It’s not that I don’t want to work, far from it. I just wish to work in a different environment that grants me more freedom.

However, money needs to be made so I can sleep, eat and live well. I will not have a student loan for much longer. But it struck me this week that being a writer is, in a sense, being self-sufficient. A new method for a self-sustaining existence. You have to rely on your own motivation to consistently sit down to write. You are responsible for nurturing the seeds of ideas so that they blossom and become valuable. Much like traditional self-sufficiency, the fate of your life lies on your own back. I like that. I like the notion of putting your own hard work to reap the rewards.

I wish to earn enough to fund a simple, comfortable lifestyle. I am not seeking a huge fortune. But I do wish to earn some money by committing myself to my calling in life. I am under no illusion that this will be easy. But to be free from the rules and restrictions of a 9 to 5 job sounds like a life worth living.

2 thoughts on “A new definition

  1. Good on you, you go for it. I agree that your writings will be a kind of self-sufficiency, but with all things in life you only get back what you put in. We decided to bite the bullet and travel, originally planned for two years then return to ‘normal’ life (ie. 9-5) but after just a few weeks decided we wanted a far more flexible future, with so many places still to enjoy with quality time. We are now working at temporary/seasonal jobs and enjoying maximum time away. Of course this means a far less materialistic and simpler life, but so far I have enjoyed every minute. Enjoy nature’s harvest, I have realised it is something that makes me VERY happy, as I too do not have a garden to grow my own, but love to use what I see around me. Can you harvest some more berries and apples to make a pot or two of jam to stretch your student loan?

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