The starting line

I noticed last night on Twitter that the first of November signals the beginning of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). This coincides perfectly with my own £116 Challenge for November. Therefore, I will endeavour to post every day for the entire length of November. I do like a good writing challenge.

So, to start at the beginning, which IS a very good place to start, I thought I’d write about what I’ve spent so far. I’ve purchased my train tickets to visit my parents in Glastonbury at Christmas. The tickets arrived this morning actually. I’m very pleased to have my seats books, for my own peace of mind. Plus, buying advanced tickets was a cheaper option too. The tickets set me back £16 for a return journey.

I spent a large proportion of my money (£34.11 to be exact, but we’ll call it £35) on food yesterday. I based my shopping list on my beloved rationing scheme.

  • I bought enough meat to the value of £8 (£2 a week, one month’s supply). This included 500g beef mince (£2), 500g pork mince (£1.99), 375g diced chicken (£2.69) and two chicken leg quarters (£1.15 – all prices from Aldi). I have portioned this all up into freezer bags.
  • I put half a dozen eggs to last the month, which is two more than the rationed amount, but I don’t know of a mythical place where you can buy singular eggs.
  • I bought the allocated amount of fats, bacon, ham, cheese, jam, sweets and sugar to last me the month.
  • I bought Sainsbury’s Basics tea instead of the correct rationed amount, because it would have cost me more to purchase less, if that makes sense? And this is a money saving exercise after all.
  • I also bought store cupboard items in relation to the points scheme, as seen on Frugal in Norfolk’s post. I used all of my 16 points in one go to buy GF pasta, oats, brown rice, syrup and one can of chopped tomatoes.
  • From Aldi, I bought enough fruit and veg to last me this week. I shall be doing a small top-up shop each week to buy fresh produce.

I have set out a meal plan to make sure I’ve got enough food to last me the month – thanks to Excel!

As for today, it has been a no-spend day! Hurrah! Probably a good thing too, as I had a large outlay yesterday. I have spent the day at home, doing a few chores and writing. I didn’t spend a penny to exercise, as I used a YouTube video to do some Zumba. This was my first time trying out Zumba and it really was a lot of fun! And they are plenty of free workout videos on YouTube to keep me busy! As for entertainment, I think iplayer will keep me occupied this evening.

I do hope you’ll enjoy my posts throughout November. I will try my upmost to keep them interesting!

Balance: £65 to last 28 days.


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