Sunday dinner

You thought I’d forgotten about my blogging commitment, didn’t you? Well, I suppose it is an unusually late posting for me, but I have good reason. I have only just enjoyed the delights that emerged from my slow cooker. The best things take time and this dish was certainly worth the wait. It has all the ingredients of a traditional Sunday dinner (one such tradition I’ve never been involved in), but a cheaper version.

I picked up a winter vegetable selection box at Aldi on Friday, the majority of which was peeled, diced and sent straight to the pot. That was shortly followed by a chicken leg quarter, then gluten-free stock, sage and pepper.



Nine hours later, with the scent of chicken driving me crazy, I dived in. I love how my slow cooker makes everything so flavourful. Because the produce has got the time to relax and simmer gently, everything always tastes good. The meal is beautifully frugal too.


Veggies: (£1.49 for total box, but still have an onion and a few carrots left) £1.10

1 chicken leg quarter 58p

Stock and seasonings 20p

Total cost: £1.88. I’ve had dinner tonight, I’ve got three portions ready for the freezer and the remaining chickeney-liquid will be enjoyed as broth tomorrow lunchtime. So, five portions = 38p per portion.


I feel I deserve a frugal pat on the back for this meal. Long may the thriftiness continue!

Balance: £65 to last 27 days (another no spend day – hurrah!)


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